Frank Omondi

Software Developer .

Frank Omondi

I am a Software Developer with great interest in AI/ML. I built my first model in 2021 - a simple footballer performance prediction model - that solved one of the simplest problems for me but sent me into an AI frenzy of all the possibilities and potential impact of AI. I like writing code to solve problems in a cool way.



  • Built FPL Mstr
  • Built FPL Mstr API


  • Learned how to integrate CI/CD pipelines using Github Actions
  • Implemented Tensorflow's while_loop function in unify's codebase
  • Built Exam GPT


  • Delivered a talk at PyConKe
  • Was a fellow at ILINA Program
  • Successfully built a wellbeing forecasting app
  • Learned Next.js
  • Learned Tensorflow


  • Graduated from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science
  • Learned Firebase, and Tailwind CSS
  • Learned scikit-Learn


  • Started Freelancing during the pandemic
  • Learned payment gateways such as Daraja by Safaricom
  • Learned ReactJS, TypeScript, and Redux